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Software Engineer with 20+ years of experience (Perl, Python, C, C++, Java, Database, Web) in hosting / ASP / SaaS, financial and health care industries


Perl; Regular Expressions (PCRE); Python; C#; C; C++; Java; OOP; Oracle; Postgres; SQL; MS SQL; Unix shell scripts (bash, sh); Web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Angular, AJAX); XML / XSLT; Unix / Linux (RHEL, Solaris, Ubuntu); Windows (many versions); Mac; RCSs (Git, Subversion, CVS); Apache (mod_perl, mod_rewrite); Agile / Scrum


MUFGRockville, MD
Senior Associate March 2017 – March 2018

  • Created and supported web-based replacement for legacy accounting program (C#, MS SQL, Node.js, Angular)
  • Developed, supported, and oversaw execution of a tool that updates network paths to migrate to new network environment (C#, MS SQL)
  • Designed reports for SEC modernization project (MS SQL, C#, XML / XSLT)

OmniTIFulton, MD
Web Engineer February 2014 – December 2016

  • Developed and supported customer websites (Perl, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Apache, Postgres)
  • Implemented Google and Facebook login for customer websites
  • Engineered API to interface with mobile applications
  • Securely integrated another vendor's credit card form into a customer's registration flow
  • Created Slack application that integrated with internal time-tracking system
  • Performed development, troubleshooting and maintenance for Node.js components for a customer's gaming app

AT&T (formerly USinternetworking)Annapolis, MD
Senior Engineer to Chief Engineer July 2000 – December 2013

  • Inventor on U.S. Patent 8224903: End to End E-mail Monitoring, awarded to AT&T July 17, 2012
  • Lead Developer on a large Apache / mod_perl / Oracle web app which automates most of the company's technical and business functions. Responsibilities included:
    • development in Perl with some XS extensions in C
    • Apache web server administration
    • Oracle database schema creation
  • Implemented a monitoring system using Web, Oracle Database, shell scripts, Perl
  • Gave weekly presentations on software development
  • Oversaw integration of the legacy systems into the AT&T systems
  • Created a password encryption / decryption / generation DLL in Visual C++ from a Perl extension written in C
  • Implemented reget and reput in SFTP
  • Worked with process administrators to implement changes for SAS-70 and SOX compliance
  • Wrote a daemon in Perl to maintain ssh connections between calls from CGI scripts
  • Devised procedures on the full analysis of and standards for new client implementations
  • Developed a search engine for our internal documentation

Healthcare Resource Associates Charlotte, NC
Systems Engineer April 1999 - July 2000

  • Solely responsible for the development and support of mission-critical software: a revolving credit account / collections package for health care services
  • Devised and implemented a solution to allow our non-Y2K-compliant system to operate past the year 2000
  • Worked as a part of a three member team whose goal was transition to a new system
  • Developed a credit reporting system to interface with credit bureaus
  • Created several tools to automate transfer of electronic statements to our vendor
  • Full System administration of RS 6000 running AIX
  • Performed a wide variety of tasks including setting up and helping to maintain the network
    • connecting printers and machines to the network
    • routing table configuration of one of our Cisco routers

Medfax CorporationFort Mill, SC
Programmer / Analyst November 1995 - April 1999

  • Developed health care and financial software for doctors' offices
  • Solely responsible for the development and administration of our largest client
  • Wrote scripts to install new Y2K compliant software including automated code patching
  • Developed programs to create and transmit data files for statement vendors
  • Wrote a program to communicate through a serial port to another vendor's software
  • Instructed classes on proprietary query language, both internally and for our customers


2005-2007 Howard Community College Columbia, MD


  • Build houses with Habitat For Humanity, including trips to Guatemala and Uganda
  • Participated in a weekly discussion about Unix kernel source code for several months at USinternetworking
  • Developed games in C++ and also Perl
  • Installed/administered many distributions of Linux